[A-Z] R is for Reviews. Reviews are nice.

Have you read The Winds of Patwin County yet? Did you enjoy it? Did you not? Either way, if you write a review of it on Goodreads, Amazon, or Booklikes, I’d greatly appreciate it. And the first five people to write reviews get a free paperback copy of the novella when it comes out on May 1! How awesome is that?

But I feel kind of like a hypocrite when I ask for reviews. When it comes down to it, I’m not much of a reviewer myself. I’ve written a couple of book reviews here on my blog, but that was long before reviews on sites like Goodreads and Amazon were a thing. I also wrote a review of SyFy’s interpretation of Flash Gordon once on this blog, and it wasn’t a positive one. But, on the whole, I just haven’t written that many reviews.

Am I a bad person for that?

In other news, it’s come to my attention that I ought to issue a content warning for my novella. It’s got some violence. Some gore. No graphic sex, but plenty of graphic discussion of sex, and lots of misogyny from one particular character. This character doesn’t represent me (more on this sort of thing in a future blog post), and he’s pretty awful.

If this sort of thing turns you off, then I honestly don’t mind if you decide to give The Winds of Patwin County a pass. There’s plenty of other good fiction (some nearly as good as mine) out there.

This blog post is brought to you by the A-Z Blogging Challenge. R is the fourth letter of the alphabet, right?