A Wee Update, and A Question For You

Since I posted on the 29th, where I weighed in at over 300 pounds, I’ve lost six. I’ve also undergone the first of three Bronchial Thermoplasty procedures. Five days on, I’m still wheezing and short of breath, although the physician who performed the procedure tells me I’m actually doing quite well. It’s still a chore to walk around the block, but each day I’m getting better at it. Saturday, I was wheezing and gasping for breath and desperately reaching for my nebulizer after my walk; today I was pretty good afterwards, and while I still used my nebulizer, I was not gasping. Keep this up, I tell myself.

I’ll talk more about the procedure in my next blog post. It was pretty interesting, I think.

On Twitter tonight, I asked the following question:

It’s only fair that I start, I suppose. So here are some of my answers:

Things I Know:

  • How to write compelling fiction;
  • Writing craft and method;
  • How to program in PHP;
  • Linux; and
  • How to create and maintain a website.

Things I Wish I Knew Better:

  • The natural world around us;
  • How to write compelling narrative non-fiction;
  • How to brew beer;
  • How to program in other languages besides PHP; and
  • Hiking, backpacking, and engaging with the natural world.

Pretty decent, though short, lists, I think. What about you?

One thought on “A Wee Update, and A Question For You”

  1. I’m sorry you are not feeling well, and I hope it gets better. i admire your determination.
    Things i know–How to best deal with an alcoholic or difficult person
    —how to crochet, though i haven’t done it in ages
    —how to keyboard with the DVORAK method, which i learned several years ago from someone in my writing group. i think it w as a challenge, and that sounds right
    –how to play the piano

    Things i wish i knew–
    –Who decides when someone is too ‘old” for something, like rollerblading for instance (i’m only 54) 😉
    –how to rollerblade
    –how to make friends
    –how to better relate to my mom
    –how to get into political discussions without hurt feelings
    –why my dog behaves the way she does
    –how to crochet more challenging projects
    –why i give up so easily

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