Grand Jury Indicts DeLay on New Charge

Grand Jury Indicts DeLay on New Charge

I hope the self-righteous criminal bastard goes to jail*. If you’re going to claim to be some sort of moral authority for the nation, it behooves you to behave appropriately.

And again I reiterate: anyone who wants to know why businesses like Enron and SCO think they can get away with their criminal activities only has to look to the examples provided at the top.

*I know that in Bush’s America, of course, he won’t. Where do you think Bush will promote DeLay to? Secretary of Commerce?

Reality shuddered

points to this interesting article which demonstrates that most of the popular television shows over the past twenty years or so, from Chicago Hope to Drew Carey, have all taken place in the imagination of an autistic seven-year-old boy. Someone did a LOT of work to draw all the connections, but I can’t help but be fascinated by this. It’s the sort of thing I love.

And, for the record, I loved the ending of St. Elsewhere. It annoyed lots of people, but it’s the kind of ending that appeals to my kind of mind.