Miers & Microsoft

Over on slingshot.org: Miers & Microsoft

Apparently, Miers once argued — successfully — that Microsoft customers who purchased faulty products that damaged their data were not injured in any way. This was back in 1995, when MS-DOS 6.0 caused some data compression errors. Microsoft offered an upgrade, MS-DOS 6.2, for $9.95. Customers who experienced data loss because of the problems wanted MS to offer the upgrade for free (which would have made sense to me), but Miers successfully argued in favor of the corporation.

This is no indication of where Miers would stand on issues such as abortion, civil rights, etc. (if she runs true to the Bush heritage, we won’t find out any of that until she’s on the bench), and there may be facts of the case of which I’m not aware, but it does tell me that she’s more likely to side with the corporation instead of the consumer; in my opinion, this is inverse to what our priorities as a nation should be.