Don't Say I Never Gave You Anything

For a good time, visit Conservapedia, the "conservative" answer to WikiPedia’s "liberal bias".  The Random Page function is a thing of true joy.  You may have a hard time loading it right now, as it’s currently under attack by a number of science bloggers entering parody articles (though, as has been discussed elsewhere, it’s often hard to distinguish a parody conservative rant from the genuine thing).  From their front page (currently):

Did you know that faith is a uniquely Christian concept? Add to the explanation of what it means, and how it does not exist on other religions.

Uh.  Yeah.

Note that I don’t honestly accept this site as an example of real "conservative" thinking; it’s an example of the weird, Christo-fascists who have co-opted the term "conservative" from fellows like Barry Goldwater and Ron Paul, guys who actually embrace conservative values.

I remember Conservapedia’s founder, Andrew Schlafly, from the days when I used to hang out at  His approach was very odd; he seemed to honestly think that the 1965 edition of the World Book Encyclopedia was definitive, and rejected any discoveries in any scientific field made since then.  He was quite the target of fun and parody in that newsgroup.

Found via Respectful Insolence.  Check out the discussion on that blog page for some more entertainment.