An inspector from our normal pest control company just came out to do a termite inspection. He’d done some inspections and treatments of other houses in our neighborhood, but said that since our house was so new, we shouldn’t have any problems.

He did find some termite damage in some scrap wood that the builders had left underneath our house when building it.  He showed me one of the damaged pieces, and while I’m not an expert it did look like termite damage; wood doesn’t normally have little tubes dug out of it.  He suggested scheduling a treatment tomorrow — or at least within the next month or so, to make sure we catch it before the termites start their reproductive cycle in the spring (and, of course, our winter has been very dry and warm, so they may even start in on that early).

Before we schedule it, though, I want to make sure it’s necessary. It would cost almost $2000, and I want to make sure we aren’t being rooked. Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing?  Any suggestions or advice to offer?