The Night School (by Michael Paine)

The Night SchoolThe Night School by Michael Paine
Publication: Berkeley (2006), Paperback, 336 pages
Date: 2006
ISBN:  0425209164 / 9780425209165
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I’m afraid that this is not a positive review.

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An Audio Special: Indications

Because the stories on Pseudopod are released under the same license as my content in this blog, I can redistribute the MP3 of my story, "Indications", here on my website (so long as I don’t alter it, and don’t charge for it).  Because of the way this blog and the Audio plugin works, I can only post it here on my site; so if you’re reading this on Bloglines or some other feed reader, you’ll just have to click through.  Well, fine.  So it does work in Bloglines and other feed readers.  Silly me.