New Digs

The move is mostly done at this point.  We still have some stuff at the old place, and are probably facing another couple of trips before everything’s gone.  We’ve been without DSL and satellite TV since Thursday; on the other hand, we’ve also been so busy that even if we’d had DSL we probably wouldn’t have spent any time at all browsing or communicating.

Last Sunday, we began the process of laying the laminate flooring in the bottom floor of the house.  We are still at it.  Most of it’s done, and all we have left are the guest room and the hallway.

We took two days off from laying the flooring to celebrate the Fourth of July with our families, enjoying the fireworks from the back yard of our home in Dixon for the last time on Wednesday, and doing the actual move on Thursday.  If you know the Sacramento area at all, you know that it can get a bit on the warm side during the summertime; so Thursday, the day that we actually moved, it was about 108 degrees.  I was glad that we’d hired movers to handle the bulk of the material for us (especially the refrigerator and the piano), but even so it was a hell of a day.

We also had an electrician come out on Tuesday to take a look at our new home; he was impressed with how remarkably well kept it was, but confirmed that the knob and tube wiring lurking in the attic is indeed live, which will pose problems for us in securing home insurance; the cost of ripping out the knob and tube and replacing it with Romex will far outweigh any savings we’d get with our current insurance provider, which is a shame.  The electrician also identified a number of other issues to fix: none of them were particularly hazardous, but some — like the fact that rats had apparently chewed through the wires to the ceiling fan in the kitchen — were really annoying.  He also recommended that we put in a couple of dedicated circuits into the office, which we’ve agreed is a really swell idea.

And now we are both exhausted.  My own eyes are bleary with sawdust, and all my muscles are sore.  I look at the flooring we have yet to lay, at the work that the electrician has yet to do, at the changes our general contractor has to make, at all of the stuff still left in our old house, and, most visibly, at the fact that we haven’t yet sold our old house, and I am, quite frankly, overwhelmed.