Southern Lawn Care

Showing skin gives new company boost in business

So you pay a few extra bucks and instead of having a neighborhood kid come out and mow your lawn, you get a hot babe in a bikini.  I don’t suppose there’s anything wrong with that per se, but I find the concept very… weird.  The article doesn’t say whether the women will be wearing stiletto heels while doing the lawn, but that seems like it would be a logical part of the outfit.  And it works for the men, who, instead of having to mow the lawn themselves, get to sit out on the front porch, drinking a beer, and watching a woman in a bikini mow the lawn.

I wonder how their wives feel about it?

What I find most fascinating is that this is a thriving business in the Bible Belt.  Sure, the twisted version of Christianity which is stereotypically associated with that area is all about the subjugation of women, and you can’t get more into that mindset than having scantily-clad young women perform manual labor (though they could be naked, I suppose), but women in bikinis — doesn’t that, like, led to children having sex?  And terrorism?  Perhaps the thinking is that since the young women are going to hell for wearing a bikini in public anyway, they might as well be doing something useful while doing it, like entertaining men doing manual labor.