Daikaijuzine Update

Shortly before the move, my main desktop computer crashed.  It didn’t crash in a major way; the filesystem is, as far as I can tell, mostly intact, but the executables which drive KDE are hosed, so the computer now refuses to boot into a GUI.  And, unfortunately, almost all of my email related to Daikaijuzine resides on that computer.  This shouldn’t have been a problem, since I should have been able to simply boot that computer, then SSH into it and use Pine to get at the mail, but since I’d been using KMail, the mail was being stored in a format which Pine couldn’t understand.

Finally, last week I figured out how to import the old Daikaijuzine messages from that computer onto my laptop so I can begin the process of catching up on submissions I need to review and also — ahem — sending out payments for published stories.  This is good.  However, all of the messages that I imported onto my laptop were saved as unread, new messages.  This is confusing, and now I need to go through them and see which ones I need to retain and which ones I can safely dump.

Oy.  This is a job for Godzilla.

Hopefully, soon I’ll have this complete and the September (and one year anniversary) issue of Daikaijuzine will be published as planned.