As I mentioned earlier, I’ve decided that it’s time to do a revamping of my website. I’ve cleaned up quite a bit of backend code, fixed up some issues in my stylesheets that were slowing things down, and did some work at replacing some tables with stylesheets, and so on. So the site’s going to look a bit Spartan for awhile while I get everything worked out.

I’ve sent out a request for ideas regarding a design theme. It seems that the most popular notion has been the notion of cute little bunnies dancing in a flowered meadow, bearing assault rifles and waging war against Cthulhu. Preferably in black. I should point out to those who suggested this that Little Fluffy Wiggletoes would probably be on Cthulhu’s side, so I think people are misunderstanding my worldview, which saddens me.

I still lack any design skills or ability. I don’t like splash pages or Flash intros; I think they’re an abomination.

Finally, here’s me testing out a new lightbox plugin. It’s a picture of me hand feeding a giraffe. If the plugin works the way it’s supposed to, then clicking on the thumbnail will open the full-sized image over the browser window without moving you away from the page. Of course, this will only work on my home page.


A giraffe tongue, for what it’s worth, is long, black, and slimy. Very slimy. I swear, half the length of that neck is dedicated to the production of saliva.