Website Update Coming

 The current version of my website ( is pretty JavaScript and CSS and table heavy, the result of tinkering and bludgeoning I’ve done on it for the past decade. As a result, even though I’ve done my best to keep the code lean and XHTML compliant, it’s burdensome and slow-loading; and if one little part breaks, such as a wee bit of code in the JavaScript that runs the drop-down menu at the top, the entire site bombs.

So, it’s definitely time for a change.

What I’d like to do is build a site that really reflects me as a writer. Assuming all the obvious jokes are through with already ("Well, be sure you include lots of typos, Richard"), what would you suggest? Cthulhu riding a horse into the sunset? A bleak black page with gray text to emphasize the essential uselessness of life and its illusions? Bunnies dancing merrily in a flower spotted meadow with assault rifles?

I’m wide open to suggestions.