Who Wants to be a Superhero, Part III… Or not.

My sources — otherwise known as Google — inform me that there will not be a Season Three of the Sci Fi Channel’s epic series event, Who Wants to be a Superhero? I’m feeling just a tad ambiguous about this. On the one hand, I enjoyed the first season quite a bit, and was happy that Feedback won. I enjoyed the second season too, though not as much, and I was pleased that Defuser won. What I enjoyed most about this show was that the qualities which were normally required for winning other reality shows — manipulativeness, deceit, and so on — were not required for victory on this show. On the other hand, sometimes it was just nigh on to impossible to figure out who deserved to be kicked off and who deserved to stay, and last year even Stan Lee had to resort to having the participants write up their own evaluations.

I think, though, that the biggest death knell for this show was how Feedback was “rewarded”. During the first season, the Sci Fi Channel promised a Sci Fi Channel original movie featuring the winner. Although having a Sci Fi Channel original movie made of your character is a dubious prize at best (I’m still awfully proud of my Sci Fi Channel Original Movie generator), the fact that Feedback only got, say, two minutes of screen time in Megasnake (a film that was ludicrous even by Sci Fi Channel standards) left a bitter taste in the mouths of a number of fans. So most people I knew who watched the show simply assumed that the winner of Season Two would be treated just as shabbily.

In short, I think the Sci Fi Channel screwed the pooch with how they treated Feedback after Season One, and didn’t do enough to recuperate in Season Two. Besides, Stan Lee has moved on to bigger and better things, like cameo shots in Heroes.

If there is a Season Three of Who Wants to be a Superhero, it won’t be anytime soon. And, really, that’s probably for the best.

In other news, I think a smackdown between Feedback and the Defuser would be awesome. Who would win?

Update: The Defuser himself left a comment over on my LiveJournal on this entry. I checked it out, and it’s really him. Which for me raises the question of how he found my Livejournal entry? The Defuser really does have superheroic powers. Almost makes me feel bad about getting my Evil-Doing Doctorate.

Why I don't read much modern urban fantasy

Some may complain that I’m not being totally fair. Well, in all fairness, this sort of dynamic permeates every fiction genre, so I’m not being exclusionary at all (if you don’t believe me, go hang out with some horror authors sometime… or even worse, a passle of science fiction authors, and then ask them “So, which of you is the real science fiction author?”).

A: I’m an urban fantasy author!

B: You are? Me too! Aren’t we awesome? Let’s blog together!

A: Squee! Yes, we truly are awesome! Let’s congratulate each other on our pure awesomeness in our cowritten blog as we deride anyone who isn’t as awesome as we are!

B: That sounds like fun, as long as you remember than I am more awesome than you!

A: No way, I’m totally more awesome than you are!

B: Don’t be silly, I write about sex.

A: Well, I’m more awesome than you because I write about vampires!

C: Hey, I write about vampire sex! And sex with vampires!

B: ZOMGBBQSUPERCOOLSQUEE! Wow, I have to totally worship you now! Vampires and sex! A dying and boring cliche which I totally love! Come join our blog!

A: C can join our blog but I’m not being worshipped as much as I was before so now I’m going to go start my own blog where other people will totally see and appreciate my pure awesomeness unlike you guys.

B: Well, A’s left the TOTALLYAWESOMESQUEEVAMPIRESEXURBANFANTASYBLOG but we still totally love her and she’s way awesome (if kind of lame because she doesn’t put sex in her vampire scenes like I do and it was totally me and C’s just copying me). Aren’t I awesome?

C: Yes you are (even if you can’t write a sex scene to save your pathetic little soul, you vamp wannabe). And so am I! Let’s congratulate each other on our awesomeness!

A: Hi! Welcome to the TOTALLYAWESOMESQUEEWEREWOLFSEXURBANFANTASYBLOG which is way more awesome than that “other” blog which I will no longer associate with because they’re totally awesome losers.

…and so on.

Really, if certain people would accept that The Solitude of the Tentacled Space Monster is urban fantasy, just without vampires or elves or sex, then we’d get along just fine.