Uninspired to Blog

It’s not that there’s nothing going on. There’s plenty, from good stuff at work to the ongoing kitchen model (Jennifer has much better coverage at her blog, really). It’s just that right now, I just plain don’t really feel like writing. I’ve been uninspired to blog, uninspired to work on my novel, uninspired to work on any short stories. The smoke is clearing up as we’ve been getting some wind in the area, which is good for my lungs but maybe bad for the fires (or good, depending on whether your sympathies are with the firefighters or with the fires), though the air quality remains a bit dodgy. Mostly I’ve just been sort of hanging out.

So in lieu of any actual content, I’ll point you at this article from the Daily Mail. It seems that some faceless folks have been appearing at public events throughout the United Kingdom, such as Wimbledon. Take this couple, for example:

Faceless couple at Wimbledon

Are they the precursors of an alien invasion? Some mutant breed of human? Pranksters?

The unimaginative Mail seems to favor the idea that these faceless folks are celebrities who have become tired of constant harrassment by the papparazzi and have taken to wearing these disguises. I like to think that they represent a viral marketing campaign for some new horror or science fiction film. Or, perhaps, we really are living in the Matrix, and these faceless people are the avatars of agent software, avatars that simply haven’t fully rezzed. Or, similarly, we’re all the avatars of players in a particularly boring MMORPG played on some higher dimension of reality (in which case I have certain questions about why my player chose such a goofy looking avatar — plus I want a better ability to create new objects simply by wishing them into existence, and a plus five sword), and these are simply a new avatar template. Or perhaps someone has hacked into the system and created these critters to freak out all the rest of the players. Or maybe a broadband connection has broken down, and these are the base templates that all avatars are built off of. Who can say? I have my own theories, and none of them involve publicity avoiding celebrities, which is the most boring and banal explanation I could imagine.

What are your theories?