The future is here, and kinda scary

I use a program called Subversion to keep all my documents syncronized between my various computers. And recently I copied all my documents onto an 8 GB USB drive that I picked up from After I did that I saw that I had more than six GB left. That means that my total repository was less than 2 GB in size. That means that my repository could fit onto this 2 GB MicroSD card that I bought to supplement my new phone:

Yeah, my close-up photography sucks. But the main takeaway message here is this: every story I’ve written, every novel, every document for work, every outline, every NaNoWriMo novel, every bit of artwork I’ve created (not many, granted), everything I’ve ever done on a computer since I started seriously using computers just over ten years ago (and longer, really, since I transcribed a bunch of stories I wrote before I even had a computer)… It all fits onto a chip smaller than a frakkin’ penny.

That’s kind of humbling. And kind of scary. I keep at least five repositories of all my files, two on remote computers, so if anything happens I won’t lose much. I won’t stick a copy of my repository on my phone’s MicroSD card, though; it would be scary, sad, and quite surreal if I lost everything I’d ever written because it was on my frakkin’ phone.