The Large Hadron Collider goes online next Wednesday. Apparently there were — and maybe still are — fears that switching on the LHC will basically cause the universe to cease to exist. Will it create strange matter that turns all matter it touches into strange matter, sort of like Ice-9 does for water? Will it create a black hole that will devour the earth and all living things on it? Will it create some sort of awfully horrible weird particle that will interact messily with matter, causing the universe to explode on a subatomic level? The tension is so thick and the fears so high that lawsuits were file — lawsuits! — to stop the LHC from going online. Fortunately, reason prevailed. Of course, if the LHC does indeed end up transforming the entire universe into strange matter, then I guess the anti-LHC crowd will have the last laugh in the few picoseconds they have left to ponder it.

Scientists who work with the LHC suggest that there’s a better chance of evaporating spontaneously into subatomic particles while shaving than the earth collapsing from any LHC experiments. Mostly, they point out, the Earth has been getting slammed for millions of years with the kinds of particles that the LHC will be generating, and nothing bad has happened yet. There is, of course, always a first time for this sort of thing.

And I may just end up not shaving anymore.


I have a Divvs rating! Here it is:

I actually have no idea what it means. Maybe 663 is good especially since the average is 437 and the highest is 768. Or maybe it’s bad because the lower the number, the further you are from Hell.

Well, go to Divvs.com and see if you can get a Divvs rating too. You may not be able to because I understand that they’ve gone to private beta for their service. Which does something, or perhaps something else.

The Proper Palin

Clearly, McCain misspoke. He meant to say Michael Palin. Here is a video detailing Michael Palin’s qualifications as a true candidate for Vice President of the United States:

Oddly, it makes no mention of his foreign policy experience. As a resident of England, which borders two different countries, Michael has the same amount of international relations experience as Sarah. On the other hand, Scotland and Wales are part of the United Kingdom, so maybe they’re just one country? In which, England borders no other countries, which means none of the politicians there have any foreign policy experience. Back when England was just a tiny little place surrounded by a hundred other petty little monarchies, the leaders obviously had more foreign relations experience than, say, Tony Blair or Gordon Brown.

Really, this is all too confusing. Just go to the Michael Palin for President website and signup for the newsletter so that you can get a free fuzzy thing.