Brief Writing Update

  • My Story of the Week project is going well. Not every story is a winner, of course, but I think most of them are at least tolerable. I’ve done eight so far, and I’ve already started on number 9. I’ve set up a separate RSS feed for the Story of the Week, just because I can imagine that some people might want to follow that and not any of my other blogging stuff. It’s not as though I have many regular readers, of course, but I figured it’d still be polite. The new feed can be found here.
  • The novel continues at a glacial rate. I’ve been stuck on one scene in Chapter Five for almost a month now, slogging my way through it slowly. I know many writers will simply move on to a new scene and pick up the bad scene later on, but I’m incapable of that. I’ve tried it, and my brain doesn’t work that way. Stupid brain.
  • Three live submissions right now. All of them pushing the respective market’s turnaround time. I never know if this is a good sign or a bad sign.
  • National Novel-Writing Month is coming up yet again, and yet again I’m volunteering as one of our area’s Municipal Liaisons. This year I’ll be writing The Divergents, a novel of jazz, punk, romance, and higher mathematics. It won’t quite be an “XKCD Meets Spencer Tracey and Katherine Hepburn” but it’ll be fun to play with it anyway. Or maybe it will be my first NaNoWriMo failure. Who knows. I only know that I also intend to continue my Story of the Week project through November, but I might end up cheating a bit.
  • And that’s all I’ve got.