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Twitterspawn for 2009-03-30

  • I resent my body for requiring sleep. I could get so much more writing done in those lost six to seven hours. #
  • Feck off, cup! #
  • Four motorcycle cops, three cop cars, and a guy face down on the ground in front of our building this morning. Happy Monday! #
  • Story of the Week No. 36, “Pet Ghosts”, is up: #
  • Zombies and pirates vs. Victorian literary greats. Who would win? #
  • My next Story of the Week is going to be a bit on the odd side, unlike anything else I’ve ever written. #
  • Last night I dreamed of old friends and whiskey. If there were poverty, war, and people dying everywhere, it’d be an Irish ballad. #
  • Sad that there were only three “Father Ted” series. And what’s the plural of series? #
  • I get the weirdest people following me. #
  • I *love* getting contributors’ copies in the mail! #
  • I, too, am so glad that the days of Rick Rolling are over: (I was getting really sick of it.) #
  • Dang it, where’d I put all my earlier drafts of “Padma”, with all the crit notes? #
  • Listening to “Lies of Jim” by Token Yoko. If you don’t know that album or that band then you are irredeemably uncool. #

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