More zombies!

The website How Stuff Works has a great article on How Zombies Work. It’s mostly about Hiatian zombies and the mythology surrounding them, but it also covers zombies in modern movies as well. Remember that article about Pittsburgh being unprepared for a zombie attack that I posted last week? Maybe it’s time to break out your copy of The Zombie Survival Guide.

Elsewhere in the news, Information Week has an article entitled “Microsoft Hunts for Zombie Spammers“. These are computers that have been infected with one of the numerous viruses out there that don’t do anything but sit quietly on the computer and send out spam, without the user ever knowing that there’s anything wrong. But it also makes me thing of half rotted corpses sitting around at computer terminals, sending out spam. Nifty image.

And meanwhil, Marvel Comics has confirmed that they will be doing a comic book extension of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. I gather that they won’t be doing stories that take place after the final volume, but will be doing stories that take place elsewhere in the universe at the same time as the other novels. It’s such a big universe, I fail to see how King could run out of stories to tell about it (others will disagree with me, I’m sure).

So that’s your apocalyptic horror news of the day. Zombies taking over the internet. “Sennnnnd morrreee e-mailllllllll…”

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