It's All About Me!


It seems that every single geek oriented podcast I listen to as well as every single geek oriented blog I read is all a-twitter over Dragon*Con.  For days my Twitter feed has been full of people posting messages about how they’re packing for Dragon*Con, setting up book signings for Dragon*Con, arranging panels for Dragon*Con, or just planning on all the parties they’re going to go to at Dragon*Con.  It’s like they’re rubbing my face in the fact that the housing market in Sacramento tanked approximately three hours after we bought our new house, and now no one wants to buy our old one, so we can’t afford to go this year.  And this year’s chock-full of great guests, including Feedback and Major Victory!  Dammit.  Stupid economy and its burst bubbles.

Well, to all those who are going, I hope you have a splendid time, and that you die in a fire.

(Oh, and 2,035 words added to The Solitude of the Tentacled Space Monster over the past three days.  Over 50% of them were original to this draft, too!)