Just a Day in My Life


Last night Jennifer’s dad brought over his air compressor and nail gun and showed me how to use them, and Jennifer went out and bought approximately eight miles of quarter round for us to use as molding on our baseboards, to cover up our gaps and errors along the walls of our laminate flooring.  We had planned to spend the rest of the evening attaching quarter round, but that didn’t happen.  Instead we caught up on a couple of TV shows we’d recorded to the DVR and then zoned out in front of Food Network.

Needless to say, I didn’t get any writing done at all, though I did create a template manuscript for Chapter Four and updated all my various copies (I keep copies of all my work in four different locations on three different computers — I’ll never be caught up by a computer crash or a stolen laptop unless something truly awful happens).  However, the temptation to download my latest copies and start writing here at work is awfully strong.  My boss isn’t here this morning, after all…