Integration Madness!

Thanks to my friend Katster, I’ve located a WordPress plugin to integrate my blog with Twitter.  Because, you know, that’s what you all want me to do.  The only issue I’m having is a wee problem with the Twitter Tools plugin finding the table in my database where my category names are kept.  For some reason, it just can’t find it, so my daily tweets are put in a category called "1" instead of where they should go.

The tool I’m most interested in trying out right now, though, is Tumblr.  Looks like a place where you can generate all of your various feeds and what not into one single place.  I’ve seen a couple of people who simply use their Tubmlr feed as the source for their main blog.  We’ll see if this works out.

I guess I ought to do some actual work while I’m here in the office, too, oughtn’t I?

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